My name is Costel Anton. I am an independent and online marketing consultant, I have been working in this field for over 10 years.

  • Do you want your website to appear higher on Google pages?
  • Do you want visitors to your website and requests for your services?
  • Then you need SEO services!

My background and experience, but especially the positive feedback from clients from Romania and abroad and the results from the implemented SEO strategies allow today to offer you complex SEO consulting and optimization services, permanently adapted to the changes of the search engine algorithms.

What does an SEO specialist do? The SEO Specialist optimizes and promotes websites for search engines (example: for Google.com). The SEO specialist’s work aims to display the site as high as possible in the first pages of Google’s results.


About Costel Anton SEO Expert

Here there are Top 5 reasons to work with me.

1. SEO Experiments: The passion for doing SEO compels me to continually experiment to detect changes in Google's algorithm. So I have found over 240 Google Ranking patterns.
2. SEO for Panda and Penguin and Fred: I took almost a year to decrypt the new algorithms for Panda and Penguin updates. We have discovered 30 new patterns.
3. Honesty and fairness: I can't promise the 1st place in Google. In SEO as well as in any collaboration, it is important to maintain a level of honesty and reciprocal fairness.
4. Design improvement if applicable: After changing the algorithms it is necessary that the websites have a modern design and good functionality to appear in the first pages of the search engine.
5. SEO is better than PPC: SEO optimization is a better investment than Pay Per Click because it has permanent, not temporary, results.