Effective strategies for attracting and retaining customers

Effective marketing strategies

Obtaining and retaining customers is essential in online commerce.

Although in Ireland and UK this is just starting out, online consumers prefer large brands that offer discounts, dots or gifts.

These types of strategies are less useful for small merchants, but instead, they have at their disposal some innovative methods that can bring and maintain their customers.

Think beyond discounts and points

Inspiring and attracting loyalty to your brand and your products is a vital part of e-commerce, and the best loyalty programs mean more than rewards and points.

Building true and durable customer loyalty implies encouraging customers to spend time on the site and, most importantly, return.

Traditional loyalty programs that offer advantages such as loyalty points and free shipping are good but they are not the only advantages that brands can offer to their customers.

For example, thinking beyond the usual loyalty offers might mean offering an option, project or program to attract and retain customers.

Providing an option for customers to share their opinions and centralize their experience can be a fantastic way to streamline not only customer experience but also to establish a customer trustworthy contact point.

Give a personalized experience

One of the most important steps that online businesses can do is build a loyal customer base and satisfy their desire for attention, care, and understanding.

A loyalty program is designed to satisfy customers with personalized offers.

To do this, traders have to capitalize on the data they have about the online behavior of their clients to communicate with them in a personalized way.

This personalization involves relevant product recommendations, contextual content, personalized messages.

Personalization can create a deep sense of loyalty.

Customers want to be understood and appreciate the time and effort that they can save if a retailer knows the types of products and services they are looking for.

A personalized customer experience is one of the strongest benefits out there.

Presenting the customers of the products they want every time they visit the site as well as offering helpful and targeted suggestions and promotions will inspire loyalty.

Use the data to help the customer

Collecting and interpreting data about customer purchases and past behaviors is a central part of adapting their experience when they are on site.

Help loyal buyers by collecting data about preferences and articles they have recently visited.

A customer will remain faithful if they give him immediate access to the product he is looking for or to the accessories of the product (account, of course, of the history of his purchases on the site)

Data collection and interpretation is a way of knowing the customers and the data can, in turn, improve your shopping experience and eventually inspire them and buy more.

Start by segmenting customers by providing each customer with tags based on shopping behavior such as purchased items, total spend per visit, frequency, etc. or personal information.

Use these labels to group customers at about three or four different levels.

Each level should have its own rewards program based on a certain ratio of earned points to the amount spent and personalized bids.

This level-based approach helps you turn small customers into major customers by presenting them with attractive offers from their personal preferences and behavior.

Provides quality content – Content is the King

The more useful, more complete and committed the content to an e-commerce site, the more customers should shop there and come back.

Including detailed product lists, downloadable manuals, comparison guides, and well-made videos might not seem like a traditional loyalty program, but delivering strong content can be one effective strategy for building trust between a business and its customers.

Build appealing and intelligent titles

Try to avoid the already drawn-out methods of attracting attention with bombastic titles that promise more than the text can offer.

A title is the first interaction between the reader and the text, and it must contain the main idea you want to convey, appeal to the reader’s rational or emotional side, promise a sensation or benefit, but not unduly laugh.

Tip: Build at least five variants of titles for each text and finally choose the one that best meets the conditions listed above.

If you are working on a longer article, you should know that the shampoo is the second most read item, by title.

If a title sends a reader for introduction, it must, in turn, stir its curiosity, make it engage in the next block of text; it has to have a purpose, to answer a question, to ask a question, to raise various problems, to announce a solution, etc.

Use social media data

Improving the social experience of shopping is another way to build a sense of loyalty and belonging, along with attracting new customers.

Today’s immense customers attach great importance to their sense of belonging, and loyalty programs that have this wish are successful.

Customers are, after all, social and often appreciate when they see their social life reflected in their shopping experience.

Loyalty programs that focus on incorporating social components that allow a buyer and his friends to interact on a brand’s website can help create a new value for a loyalty program, allowing consumers to see not just purchasing recommendations their previous recommendations and recommendations based on friends’ preferences.

These social showcases show that the brand understands how today’s buyer sails online instead of being in a mall.

In fact, some promotions work best when they have a social component and, ultimately, they can inspire loyalty in an entire customer network.

For example, if a consumer and three of his friends buy winter boots from your brand they will get a 25% discount.

Essentially, online businesses must remember that loyalty is about developing a connection with their customers.

Beyond rewards and points, a loyalty program makes customers feel valued and branded, and this method turns consumers from buyers to loyal customers who are constantly returning.

Insert suggestive and quality images

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The images give the text fresh air and are ways the reader takes a short break and rests his eyes.

In addition, they complement the texts and emphasize certain ideas, sometimes taking the place of style figures, so what you can not express in words, you can express in pictures.

You do not have to use them, especially if the text does not require it.

Do not just use them to cover the deficiencies of the written message, better try reformulating.

Tip: Document yourself about the subject that you want to address and do not write about salvation.

There is nothing more disturbing than a text full of empty words that do not communicate anything but only consumes time and nerves.

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