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SEO optimization – 20 Optimization tips that no one gives you

SEO optimization is a challenging field. In Ireland, it means to optimize your website for search engines.

Whether we like it or not, when it comes to search engines, at least in Ireland, we refer mainly to Google.

In this article, you will find a list of the main things you can do to optimize your site.

If you do a google search for SEO optimization or site optimization you will find a lot of companies that can offer you SEO services.

I did not write this article to offer you SEO services because they do not do this.

I wrote this article for any search engine on google: SEO optimization to understand in a more accessible language this SEO optimization means, which means more concrete.

Whether you want to do SEO, whether you want to outsource all or part of this activity, it’s good to know what this SEO activity means.

I personally took the site which occupies one of the top three positions in Google for what we are interested in, such as leather bags, (fashion, best sales, etc.)

What we did see below. It’s a summary, kind of a checklist. About many aspects, in-depth speak in the Online Marketing Course.

So what could you do for SEO optimization?

1. Use Planner Keyword

From my point of view here is the zero step you have to do.

The reason is simple: from the beginning, you need to know exactly what you want to get, which expressions you want to rank well in the Google rankings.

I mean, you do not index and optimize for SEO what people are not looking for.

Act smart from the start and optimize for what interests you.

In detail, I present how this is done in marketing academy, module 7.

However, the basic idea is simple: determines what expressions you want to do SEO and checks in the keyword planner what volume of queries you have on that expression/expressions.

Keyword Planner

2. Install a tool to help optimize SEO

Depends on which platform you have the website, I prefer WordPress. For WordPress, you install the Yoast plugin, which is free and it tells you exactly what you’re doing well and what you do not do well.

It’s easy to use.

In Module 5 of the Marketing Academy, I also offer a case study to see exactly how to use it.

As long as you use it intelligently, at least for the SEO basis of each article on your website is enough.

The perfect focus keyword for your post or page

3. Optimize your article titles

Basically, once you’ve decided to tilt a keyword or phrase, it must appear in the title of your article.

It is important to be relevant and clear.

Google loves relevant content and clarity, written for human eyes.

A lot more information in SEO in 2018: Trends and Lucrative Techniques

Optimize your article titles

4. Link optimization by the book

I prefer that once I target a keyword, beyond the name of the website, the link must be exactly the keyword.

It is friendly to both Google and users, the way that Google likes.

Link optimization by the book

5. Optimize Metadata & On-Site SEO

When publishing an article, you must add a meta-writing. This is a kind of summary read by Google. Basically, from the title, link, and meta-writing, Google understands what it’s all about.

Usually, but not always, this meta-writing appears in google. And this meta-script must contain the key phrase, be relevant to the phrase you are targeting, and also attractive and relevant to the user who sees it on Google.

For this meta-writing, you have a heading in Yoast.

Optimize Metadata & On-Site SEO

6. Optimize your introduction and content

There are many theories about the frequency with which the keyword appears in the article. Personally, I do not think there is a 100% true answer.

Obviously, it has to appear a few times, at least 3-5 times, yet how much you stretch yourself with the insertion of the key phrase into the article, rather than common sense.

When you feel exaggerated, you’d better stop, because Google will draw the same conclusion. So, enter your keyword in the first paragraph, then in the text.

The idea is that the keyword’s frequency should be natural once you write about that thing.

7. Improve conversion by 255 % optimizing your titles and subtitles (headings)

When you publish an article you can choose what is the title and what is the subtitle. Think of these titles and subtitles as a kind of booklet.

These titles help Google understand the structure of your article. Obviously, it will also help the user with this content organization.

Basically, in titles and subtitles in the article, instead of choosing to visually identify titles by putting a font size larger or smaller, you use the option of heading 1, 2, 3, or 4.

If you install WordPress in Ireland you will see exactly as in the picture below (subtitle 1, subtitle 2, etc.). I usually think of this structure before writing the article, but you can do it afterward.

Optimize titles and subtitles

8. Optimize images from content

When it comes to images, three things are important:


  • the relevance of the key phrase expression
  • it’s optimization in terms of size (not to be too large, that is somewhere to a maximum of 100 KB)
  • add other text (alternate text) containing the keyword at least one of the pictures (if you have more)

9. Inserting external and internal links

It is recommended to insert at least two links to another content on your site (inbound link) and one to an external site. It is preferable for links to be relevant and helpful to the user not to be artificially put simply because they have to be put.

10. Add tags and categories

At the end of the articles, you must add tags (labels).

Here you enter relevant phrases from which you can briefly understand which topics touch your article.

Here you can also enter expressions in the family of words of the intended expression, with the only condition that you have spoken of that in the article.

If you have not just spoken, you risk a penalty from Google.

11. Relevance of content is vital to SEO

When I say relevant, I refer first to the reader. If you do not have relevant and good quality content in vain, please follow points 1-10 above.

Here’s the line!

If the article is not a good one, you can optimize 1 000 years, you can try to enter how many keywords you want, you can respect everything.

Basically, you have to write with impact, whether we are talking about a product presentation, or that we are talking about a resource item.

Here is the first problem of external consultants.

They can help you with points 1-10, but at this point, it’s hard for someone outside to create quality content and revealed to your audience.

I also heard complaints that paid consultants who did not have results.

I also complained about this until I understood what she could do and what she could not do.

Do not blame him for the relevance of the content. Here is your task, or the content manager in the company.

You can write how to write impact articles to generate your customers.

However, the key is relevance.

12. SEO strategy to target the first position in Google

You are probably interested in SEO optimization if you have come up here, but you probably are interested in not just SEO optimization in general, but do you want an optimization that will take you to the front page in Google and why not on the first positions?

Being on the front page is sometimes not enough.

Users, when they search in Google, click on the first position below 50%, the second position 20-30%, the third position in the google below 20%, etc.

Basically, if you are not in one of the top three positions, you attract less than 10% of those searching for that phrase.

This percentage may differ from domain to domain and may vary depending on how much the creative appears before the first position, or how appealing the title and description of your site is.

As this is a hot topic that presents a case study to see exactly what strategy to adapt to outperform competitors.

Practically, apart from writing relevant to your audience, you also need to write intelligently to overwhelm your competitors.

13. Site optimization entirely for SEO

It is important to note that points 1-12 apply to each page or article you put on your website.

I mean, above you do not have general advice, you have things to do for each article, service, or product on your website.

When you think about site optimization or SEO optimization of the entire site, the base is on every article on your website.

That means overall site optimization comes only afterward and there are not many things to do.

The basis is in every article, that is, everything that you post on the site.

Basically, general SEO optimization is the sum of all the optimizations you make for each content you publish on the website.

14. Optimize categories and tags to generate traffic

Here you can also use the Yoast plugin or WordPress options.

Set it up by following the instructions, then go to categories and add your description for each category on the same principle as articles.

I mean, for each category on your site you enter a meta-writing, which is also going to appear in Google. In Google, you’ll see that sometimes Google offers you a page, sometimes a category.

It depends on what he considers more relevant. See how it already shows your domain and follows the same strategy.

However, my recommendation is to put down the descriptions of the categories.

Also, if you index your Yoast configurations and tags, you must do the same with them.

Here the discussion can be long, you can watch a Yoast setup tutorial on the internet to see what makes the most of you or you can read more about Choosing The Right SEO Keywords For Success With Your Business.

15. Use verification tools smart

For example, I use SEO Doctor. Install it in your browser and check what you’ve done.

He tells you if it’s technically okay or not, and tells you what mistakes you have.

It’s a good tool, you can look for similar variants.

This tool also helps you easily see what your competition is doing, because it gives you the summary of your competition.

It’s good sometimes not to invent the wheel and see what the competition does.

Doctor SEO

16. Site load speed is important for SEO

Beyond your impression that your website is loading quickly or not, it uses verification tools.

The best ones are pingdom and google page speed.

Test the load speed not only on the home page but also on each article once you publish it.

If he gives you red you need a programmer to help you. Here I have the biggest dispute with the programmers … because I’m never satisfied. 🙂

PageSpeed Insights

17. Mobile optimization one of the most important factors in 2018

Google has officially announced that this matters, meaning that they will penalize websites that are not friends with their Mobile View. To test your site, use the Google Mobile Friendly Test, beyond testing it on your phone.

There he tells you exactly how you stay with the website, however, this year you should focus on mobile speed optimization.

18. General hygiene of the site

Google says it does not influence too much, but I have doubts, However, if you do not think about Google, think about site visitors.

It is important to have a clean site, this means the absence of errors.

To see if there are errors on your site, connect your website to google webmaster tools and see if you have errors on the site or not.

There she’ll tell you exactly what you’re wrong with. You will be able to solve some for yourself, for others you will probably need a specialist.

All webmaster tools show you exactly what Google expressions are coming to your site. You see what position you are and how many people click on your website.

Also in webmaster tools, see if your website has structural problems or errors that you should correct.

Webmaster Tools connects to your website just like Google Analytics.

19. Sitemap general indexing using sitemap

Also in webmaster tools, you will see if your website’s sitemap is viewed as goals.

The Sitemap automatically sends it Yoast if you use it.

However, a check never fails.

20. Optimizing the homepage

You will see that on some key phrases Google offers in its results the homepage of a site and not necessarily an article.

This happens in principle, for two reasons:

    1. the homepage of that site is optimized according to all the points we have discussed so far.
    2. the site is extremely relevant to that expression, meaning it has a lot of content on that topic.

You can do the same thing, optimize the homepage correctly and put much content and quality in that domain.

21. Use https instead of http

Talk to your webmaster to install a security certificate. You can check also a study case SSL Influence on SEO Visibility: Study on 10,000 sites article.

This counts for Google because it confirms the identity of the site owner and the fact that there is a secure connection.

Some certificates are free of charge, others are chargeable. The cost ones have certain advantages. It is best to have a discussion with your hosting (where you host the site).

22. Backlinks and importance of linkbuilding

It has been a long time for you to register your site in a thousand web directories on the internet.

You mean linking to your site on different sites. Sometimes much counts for Google this thing called Inbound links.

Having abused with links were placed on sites that had nothing to do with the site that wanted to be promoted, Google said stop and this should be avoided.

Now for Google only counts the links that are relevant to your website.

I mean, if on a blog someone talks about your services and puts a link to your site is ok but if you start and put a link to your website on the ad sites does not help you too much, on the contrary whether the site’s reputation the one you refer to is bad, or it is mainly used to make it worse than to help you.

Here are also the links that come from social networks like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin, Twiter, etc.

The most valuable SEO is Google +, especially since Google Plus posts also appear in Google searches.

Bonus: 23. SEO optimization for visitors and then for Google

The main mistake that inexperienced people make in SEO optimization is to abuse Yoast or keywords in an attempt to trick Google.

I have often heard the complaint that Google has changed its algorithm and no longer appears in searches.

I would give you a short answer, it would be the following: I’m sorry if Google changes its algorithm and your site is affected.

This means you did the wrong thing or tried to fool Google. Google cannot be fumed, at worst you fancy it in the short run.

In the long run, he does not change his algorithm, but in fact, he removes from search the irrelevant, those who try to trick him.

If you write strategically and nicely to users and do not abuse, you will stay in Google forever.

In the least, for 10 years I have succeeded. First, think of users when doing SEO and leaving the top with maximum chances.

Google finally takes into account what users are doing, so if you’re relevant and right to users, Google has no problem.

When you’re not relevant, Google moves you into the list queue by favoring the relevant ones.

You can install google analytics to see exactly what visitors are doing on your website.

A good indicator is the bounce rate that should be as small as the average number of pages viewed per visit, the state time per page.

How long can you expect results if you do SEO optimization?

If you do smart SEO optimization, if things are done well, an article (post, product, service, etc.) can reach the first page within 2-5 months.

It depends on how well it is done, what is the competition in that area and what is the age and relevance of your website for that area.

I usually target one of the top three positions, and when I spend time, attention and respect strategies, it takes me 6 months to get into one of the top three positions.

At the level of detail, it is hard to respect everything I have written above.

And I find it difficult, sometimes I forget, sometimes I have no patience, but when I propose and pay attention, I do as well as I can. Sometimes they are consciously compromising.

And on this page I made some compromises, I let you find out who they are 🙂

How can I help you?

I hope I helped you already by writing this article.

As I said at the beginning, I do offer SEO consulting, however, if you need my help just get in contact with me!

Give me a share on social networks and I will be grateful to you!

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