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SEO in 2018: Trends and Lucrative Techniques

The permanent evolution of search engines is aimed at improving the user experience annually the algorithms are modified at least 500 times, yes oh yes, impressive!

For maximum yield and to best meet (and pay attention – totally) searches.

At the moment, Google recognizes that it has over 200 classification factors, which play a vital role in how they rank sites.

This is the main reason why search engine optimization techniques change permanently.

It becomes more and more difficult, if not impossible, to keep your site in the first position, especially as we often see fluctuations in location results, the device used, the time of day.

So SEO is Dead in 2018? For the lazy people, yes!

But if you get on this page it means that for you SEO is more vivid than ever and you are interested in doing it well!

See how to do SEO optimization in 2018 below! We gathered the most relevant data about trends in Digital Marketing in 2018 and compiled them into a useful and informed article.

Truly it can be complicated to decide what methods you deserve to choose for your SEO strategy for the best results.

However, solutions also exist for SEO in 2018 and they can be applied with … some effort.

Now that we are at the beginning of the year, it is the perfect time to analyze what SEO has prepared us in 2018, and which are generally the 2018 online promotion trends.

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Infographic: SEO in 2018

 Infographic: SEO in 2018

How do we do SEO in 2018? Predictions, tips, techniques and trends

A number of trends are emerging in SEO techniques, which have gradually begun and will continue to gain weight in 2018.

SEO specialists, with certainty, have already outlined a list of potential SEO trends in 2018 some of the previous years, some newer ones.

Basic techniques, verified over time and proven useful, remain stable.

However, perhaps a series of innovations will also appear during the year.

We gathered in the list below information about the most promising and expected directions as well as SEO tools that will become more important in 2018.

SEO Tips 2018

1. AMP is becoming more and more important. A special methodology, a separate markup, even from Google, created to form ultra-fast mobile pages, which has a major impact on searches on smartphones.

Because speed matters more and more in the online environment SEO needs to adapt, and, of course, Google is helping!

It’s a useful and simple tool to use. You do not have to assume immediately that those who do not use PHC will be penalized, but that they may be less visible in mobile search results.

If circumstances do not allow you to install AMP on your site, consider that this will not mean SEO in any way.

Google does not offer an advantage to fast sites, but it only penalizes those that are overloading hard (and there are several factors that you probably already know).

2. Voice Search increases in value. Because it is comfy and somewhat “trendy”, vocal search also increases as it passes, with an annual plus of about 20%.

The implementation of voice search technologies is an upward trend. So, users often get certain Rich Snippets from Google.

Voice Search does not fundamentally change SEO, but it also requires some new approaches:

      the formulation of the headings (h1, h2, …, h6) predominantly with questions;
      providing more detailed information;
      placing an FAQ page with all possible and probable questions;
      optimal site optimization for the mobile version.

3. Machine learning. RankBrain, the 2017-18 algorithm introduced by Google in 2015, makes beautiful and quick steps (and scary for us, SEO experts) in understanding human intentions.

His learning ability gives him the ability to categorize new-brand new keywords and group them by field, and that will certainly influence SEO in 2018.

Where did RankBrain’s need arise? 15% of searches made daily by users are absolutely new to the search engine, so they have succeeded in developing an algorithm to link different concepts.

He basically comes to realize that the new key phrases look like something he has seen in the past, so he assumes you wanted to look for that. Complicated?

There are 2 optimization methods for RankBrain:

    Use the tools that show you similar words for your keyword. Be careful here! These are not necessarily synonymous. There are words that people use to find the same thing. We often use LSI Graph to find out our relevant keyword groups. Machine Learning, that is, RankBrain is becoming more and more important, at the moment is the third most important thing in the Engine Algorithm, just by content and backlinks.
    Use useful, relevant and informed articles. And, if you respect these 3, you’ll have long articles. You have to go into the essence of the theme, do research, become an expert on the topic to succeed in transmitting useful and valuable information to your readers. And yes, it’s a lot of hard work! We suggest you follow closely the content trends to stay competitive!

4. Do not forget about Social Media the figures show the more active and involved your brand (see here and what SEO has to do with branding) the more important it is.

Always make references to the site and strive to apply a good content rule to Social Media.

Speculations say that Social Media has a role in algorithms.

Surely you will not be the first in the Search Engine with just a good Facebook page, but it will help you grow as popular and will indirectly contribute to increasing your organic traffic.

So do not relax on this topic, be careful and follow the social media trends for 2018 for business if you want to have the best SEO but also the strongest brand in your niche!

5. Optimization for Bing and Yahoo especially if you do SEO internationally.

It’s not just about Google at some point. In some countries like Russia, Yandex is the first search engine, in others, Bing is at the forefront.

If you are curious about statistics for Europe, read this article: SEO in Europe to find out how to make SEO effective across the continent, which, besides statistical data and figures, also comes with useful solutions.

So in some industries, over 80% of searches are made in Bing.

Surely, these numbers change your attitude towards online promotion, right?

You may want to change the SEO tactic in 2018 after these dates. We suggest that you never get caught up when it comes to marketing trends, be they for 2018.

Let’s see what the engines, have been up to, or, in other words that’s why we came to the surprise element:

Mobile indexing first remains to be the biggest change in the SEO field coming from Google! If you have not set up a mobile-friendly website, you could easily lose> 60% of customers.

It could be tough enough for a sudden change, but is it really unexpected? Search engines put an enormous emphasis on user satisfaction, and users use smartphones to surf the web!

Simple, right?

After all, the mobile phone is always handy, and while watching the cutting-edge development of mobile technologies, you can pretty well understand why the mobile version will have a larger weight in 2018 compared to the desktop version.

I hope this article will help to achieve some good learn and also a good way to avoid the cost of SEO campaign.

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