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How to do SEO Keyword Analysis for the Website?

How to do a SEO Keyword Analysis for the Website in 2018?

Choosing the right keywords to optimize a site, whether online or a company’s presentation site, is a lot different now than it was a few years ago.

In addition, there is still some blur related to the meta keywords tag: is it still necessary to define it on a site?

In this post, I will show you an example of an SEO keyword selection methodology for an online store that wants to sell teas, indicating the tools used.

Consider both the money keywords (keywords commonly used by people with intent to buy) and generalist, informative words.

It is very important to have a clear focus in mind when we start choosing keywords.

In this case, we start from the general notion of “teas”.

With this main word in mind, we search google on several sites selling products to see how they are structured:

what categories and subcategories they have, what kind of articles they post on the blog, etc.

We notice that there is a wide range of teas that are marketed online and easily identify 10-20 keywords that seem more important, such as green tea, black tea, sage tea, chamomile tea, etc.

Starting from the key keywords identified in the previous paragraph, we can use a ubersuggest SEO keyword suggestion service like ubersuggest to have the benefits of SEO.

In the form on the site, we introduce the main keywords, which we have previously identified, select the English language and press the Suggest button.

The site generates a list of keywords that appear in Google as suggestions for the keyword used plus each letter of the alphabet:

The words obtained in the previous step, with ubersuggest or similar site, will be placed in an excel file to remove duplicates.

There will be an extensive list of words (400-1000 items), about which we do not know more about.

We are interested in data such as the volume of searches (how many people are looking for each of these words per month).

The competition (how many sites do the paid advertising on that keyword), the average cost per click, the opportunity, etc.

To get this information, we’re loading the list from the previous point in Google Keyword Planner.

The following data results:

Google Keyword Planner

How to obtain the greatest potential traffic ?

The list can be sorted by the average number of monthly searches to identify words with the greatest traffic potential.

If it coincides with the commercial offer of the site for which we analyze the words, we can select them for the SEO campaign.

In order for this to be successful, the keywords chosen in the research should be included in the content of the site, ie Landing Pages
(category, subcategory, filter, blog page, etc.) must be defined for each main syntax.

A correct and complete keyword analysis for the SEO campaign must provide a fuller picture of the domain on which it focuses.

Even if the site offer does not yet include all the products designated by these words, it is important to be monitored to identify sales and traffic opportunities.