SEO optimization

Website Performance

Control the load time in your site’s browser by detecting the weakest HTML requests. Generally, the site loads very hard in the browser, if the images are not optimized, you have too many CSS and/or JavaScript files, use video or iframes, or upload different codes from other sites. For these issues, you should call a person or company specializing in SEO optimization on the page to solve problems. Let’s not forget that from this summer 2018, mobile web page speed will be a ranking reason.

Costel Anton

I’m a staff writer covering SEO Consulting and startups.A short-lived but much-beloved former homepage editor at, I wrote for multiple magazine from 2014-2015 and was a proud IBM emploee before that. I’ve served as a regional manager for a test prep company along the way. My love of tech would’ve been amusing to my college self. Follow me on Twitter at @promoseoireland and email me at [email protected]