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1. Increase non-brand organic traffic

To measure the performance of these metrics, we use segmentation and extrapolation tools for metric data in your Google Analytics account and Google Search Console.

Increase non-brand organic traffic
search behavior

2. Increase the site’s organic visibility

User search behavior is dynamic, and confirmation comes directly from Google. 15% of the daily searches of users in the search engine are unique, so why keyword analysis is very important.

3. Optimize / Modify Site Architecture

Identifying keywords that require SEO optimization and user search behavior can result in changes to the structure of the site. Within the structure changes, we take into account the competition, as well as the improvement of the users’ browsing experience on the site.

Optimize and Modify Site Architecture
Internal linking structure

4. Internal linking structure

In the context of an increasingly educated audience on electronic commerce, improving the internal linking structure is a priority for any site. Improving UX (user experience) through technical implementations is also a sign of quality for Googlebot.

5. Relevance of SEO elements (title, h1, tag, etc.)

The main elements of SEO in 2018 (<title> and <h1>) generate rapid classification changes when they are updated. These SEO attributes (On-Page Optimization Techniques) are sensitive to the extent they must be representative of the content of that page.

Relevance of SEO elements
Loading page - Site speed

6. Loading page / site speed

High Load Times = Lost Clients. Mobilegeddon, a Google algorithm update, also boasts quality uploads for mobile sites. The omission of this SEO optimization may hinder the occurrence of the results. A faster website more money in your pocket.

7. Duplicate content signals

Creating unique, enriched and relevant content is a challenge for every webmaster. Copied pictures, copied and synonymous groups of words are low-quality images for Googlebot, which are integrated into the overall calculation. Depending on the type of site (online store/presentation site), we come with graphical solutions (eg, infor- mation information structured on site) and add-on strategies from users.

Duplicate content signals
Structure of SEO friendly URLs

8. Structure of SEO friendly URLs

These are the basic rules of creating a site and are a must-have, regardless of the platform. URL optimization is based on the content of the page, representative keywords, taking into account the specialist’s rules (density, over-optimization, etc.).